Pipe Corps

  • Reay Palmer
  • Burch Palmer
  • Sean Cummings
  • Beau Askins
  • Mike Connell
  • Matt Ruben
  • Roger MacGregor

Drum Corps

Friends and Past Members

  • Lee Auckenthaler, Piper
  • Dave Brown, Piper
  • Christopher D. Buell, Piper
  • Mark Stuart, Piper
  • Donna Campbell, Piper
  • Maria DeLallo, Piper
  • Brian Galloway, Piper
  • Bob Hildebrand, Drummer
  • Fritz Hoffman, Piper
  • Harold Higgins, Piper
  • Ron James, Piper
  • Rick James, Piper
  • George Tabor, Drummer
  • Morgan Etnyre, Piper
  • Caitlin Etnyre, Drummer
  • Martin MacLean, Drummer
  • Jillian Piper, Drummer
  • Nicole Cummings, Drummer
  • Paul McAfee, Piper
  • Chris Platt, Drummer
  • Paul Serapiglia, Piper
  • Rachel Hamer, Piper
  • Ken Jackson, Piper
  • Ed Baer, Drummer
  • Susan James, Drummer
  • Robert Bledsaw, Piper
  • Bill Mertton, Piper
  • Joseph LoGiurato, Piper
  • Dan RubenSnare
  • Brian Sweeny, piper

Special Thank You…. to The Nevada Society of Scottish Clans…without their generous help, we would not be able to send aspiring young drummers and pipers to school. They have extended support without solicitation and we are forever grateful. Thank you Scottish Clans!

For Membership Info or Questions, please contact or write to: Nevada Society of Scottish Clans P O Box 40194 Reno, NV 89504